The company NEXT 24 SA. Was founded in 2008 to have as objective the development of Digital  Satellite Systems,  Media TV Stations, and Network Services. The experience from the telecommunication and satellite sector played a major part in “DTS” new cooperation between parties.


Then the company “NEXT – 24″ S.AIn the year 2010  the company “NEXT – 24” S.A. upon request enters into a patent rights agreement, receives all approvals from the “DTS” franchise and a commercial use right of the “DTS” mark for a period of 5 years. The company with a “DTS”  BRAND NAME  as “DTS HELLAS” S.A. enters dynamically in RES projects.

“DTS” franchise program.

The company “DTS HELLAS” S.A. in 2011-2012 continues to invest and grow has already achieved a dominant position beyond the European borders and provides innovative technology services. DTS HELLAS S.A. 2010-2011, as a new member of the cooperation of the “DTS” franchise program, undertakes as an official distributor for Greece, Germany and China.

Strategic Cooperation’s – Agreements

The company DTS HELLAS S.A. signs strategic cooperation agreements with international actors in renewable energy sources.

The company DTS HELLAS S.A. as a member of the “DTS” franchise cooperation program It has on the market certified materials that meet the needs and international standards and are produced in an ISO 9001: 2000 certified production line.


The company DTS HELLAS S.A. ensures the cooperation of specialized technology laboratories at the National Technical University and the department of static and aerodynamic engineering and the interest of internationally recognized laboratories.


The company DTS HELLAS S.A. has installed after-sales executive services to support customers worldwide over 150 MW.